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About the 'e' brand... Equipoise.


The Face Behind                                                  

An expert of 13 years in the Commercial and Fashion Photography industry, as an internationally published Photographer and Creative Director, now Curatorial Director, Miss Sideris conceptualized the idea of creating a platform to express her talents with e-gallery. e-gallery was established first as a brick and mordor Contemporary Art Gallery, located in the heart of Liberty Village, in Toronto and was founded in 2016. Now, an online curated Art Collection of Photography, Graphic Design and Illustration comes The Digital Scapes Series an Art collection that emerged in December of 2018.

The Digital Scapes Series: (Vol.1) Unseen Like Before; was conceived out of fascination and curiosity of the complexity in which urban city planning and development comes to be and the harsh contrast of untouched scapes of the Mojave and Sonoran Desert. Now exploring diversity; as an Artist, The Digital Scapes Series continues. Focused on harnessing her creative energy and fostering that curiosity, in a particular direction chaos of the urban city hustle and the unwinding, calmness and stillness such as in the desert, she taps into that contrast of environments. Now the desire to expand the geographic map is set and lets see what’s ahead... 

As a perfectionist and visionary Sideris’ career has allowed her to travel and explore the infatuation to create beauty from behind the lens. Most recently, a collection of work was accepted and featured in The Art Gallery of Ontario’s Art Museum. The exhibit Every. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood | AGO curated an 9ft gallery installation, a featured published book and a 40 foot photography installation campaign entitled #WANTED.

A platform for innovation was created to express alternative perspectives, the way art was interpreted, made accessible and most importantly viewed. Now, comes an exact partnership Where Art meets Technology, with the WALLUMINATION Art Box. Where Art + Fabric + Light = An illuminated work’s of Artistry by Design, exclusive to Equipoise Gallery. North American manufactured and produced with sustainable materials, the one of kind Art Box is the missing element in any space. Artistry illuminated with light.

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